Sidra Medical Research Centre

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The Sidra Medical & Research Center in Qatar provides world-class patient care for women and children from across the Gulf region. The vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the healthcare scheme was designed by the architect César Pelli and completed 2016. This colossal project features SAS150 and SAS800 Trucell in research laboratories and SAS130 Tee Grid in waiting areas and security rooms.

Concealed grid SAS150 provides a clean finish and acoustic absorption in areas requiring a quiet environment for work and study. With a swing-down and slide feature, the hinged system provides easy access to the void and services above. An open cell system, SAS800 Trucell allows for smoke extraction and ventilation in lab areas. With a strong lattice effect the system also provides an interesting feature ceiling.

Lay-in SAS130 tiles provide easy access and high acoustic absorption in lobby areas and secure rooms of the center. Specified with a T15 tegular effect, the tiles also have an S1820 perforation. This combination creates a strong theme of squares emphasised by the visible grid.

Large quantities of SAS products were also supplied to the underground car park from available stock in the SAS’ Dubai warehouse. With a wide variety of systems available, our warehouse capacity allows for large-scale and fast paced orders reducing lead times for the installers.

Interesting facts:

  • In May, the Sidra Medical & Research Center celebrated its first anniversary since opening to the public.
  • Gaining international media attention in 2013, the building is famous for its huge 5m foetus sculptures by artist Damien Hirst. 
  • A key aim of the facility is to be ‘paper-lite’ by creating a digital infrastructure for staff to share resources and records. This platform also gives patient health information supported by a secure data centre and wireless network.
  • César Pelli's portfolio also includes the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the MoMA renovation in New York.